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Keep The Fire Burning

The beginning of the New Year often brings motivation for change. I see it at the gym, that’s for sure. For the first few weeks of January, it’s always more crowded than usual. Then, the crowds seem to thin out. Usually, by early February, attendance is back to normal. Has everyone met their health and […]

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Enjoying “Christmas Present”

I love being a dad especially around the holidays. The excitement around the house, with two kids who for weeks, anxiously await Santa’s arrival…creates enough energy to power Clark Griswold’s lights. Yes, all that energy is released in a feverish pitch come Christmas morning, as wrapping paper is torn from the gifts the “big guy” […]

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All Support Systems, Go!

It’s not always easy to ask for help. Many times we have been conditioned to “go it alone” and “tough it out.” There is certainly importance in being self-reliant; but, there are also many times when a helping hand, a kind word, or an attentive ear lifts us to levels unobtainable on our own. It’s […]

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