A Complete Coaching Certification Program

Insist on an All-Inclusive Coaching Education – One that Certifies You, Trains You to Be a Masterful Coach, and Fully Prepares You to Succeed.

With iPEC coaching certification, you’ll be at the leading edge of a shift that’s underway in worldwide coaching standards. iPEC graduates, in particular, walk away with a comprehensive  knowledgebase fully prepared to establish and run a successful coaching practice.

As an iPEC student, you will receive 320+ training hours over a period of 7 months, covering:

  • All core competencies of a Certified Professional Coach (many programs stop here)
  • The advanced techniques and approaches of the Core Energy Coaching™ process and Energy Leadership™ framework (most courses offer a single certification)
  • Three in-person, intensive 3-day training modules (Many programs like to teach key coaching skills by phone and distance learning only)
  • A Certified Professional Coach to serve as your Mentor Coach. (Many programs like to charge you extra, as an additional expense; otherwise you must find your own. Either way, it’s more out-of-pocket dollars added to your training)
  • Specialization tracks in 9 specialties including corporate, executive, life purpose, transition, health & wellness, professionals,business, relationship, and grief, in addition to your primary live training modules
  • A specific focus on how to setup and build a thriving coaching practice, including
    1. Quick Start: From Passion to Payoff, which includes a Business Development Coach to help you get your practice up and running quickly
    2. Marketing workshops with word-for-word scripts, PowerPoint presentations, and professionally written marketing materials
  • Energy Leadership™, a highly advanced process and framework that provides you with a powerful assessment tool and complete development system, that not only enhances all coach-client relationships, but is guaranteed to get you paying clients
  • All requirements for certification as an ICF-accredited Certified Professional Coach (CPC), and an Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), which you earn at the completion of your training with iPEC