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Hey You…Life is Waiting!

Yes, YOU.

You who’s been putting off that big decision (you know the big one that requires change and transition) or that difficult conversation because you don’t want to upset the other person or don’t know how to have the conversation without it getting heated or causing an argument.

But wait, there’s you, too. Yes, YOU.

You who’s been thinking about undertaking that new project that’ll get you ahead, which you’re excited about, but you know a lot of people will be watching to see how you do and what makes you sweat.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small, there’s likely something that’s important to you right now, in some way, which you’re avoiding or putting off.  You may not be clear on what to do; you may be worried about some of the potential consequences (you know, the vivid and wonderfully creative stories of worst case scenarios that you’ve had running in the back of your mind). You may simply be afraid that it won’t work out as expected, even though you really, really want it to.

That’s life.  It wants to be lived.  It wants you to step into the moment and actually be there; be there in the moment — present, fully engaged, playing full out!  Life doesn’t have regrets, but you may if you don’t take action – if you don’t jump in and play.

Life won’t always (or even most of the time) go as expected.  Big surprise.  Get back up and put your confidence in the way you want to live your life, instead of life needing to be a certain way in order for you to enjoy it.  The joy is in the living; it’s in the process.

Whatever part of life is waiting for you, consider what small step you could take to get it moving again.  What’s one giant leap you could take?  What’s something in the middle that feels right – in terms of action, progress, and process?

Stop waiting; Live on Fire!

D. Luke Iorio, CPC, PCC, ELI-MP
President & CEO
Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

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