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People Need You

kinney DACL photoLast fall, at one of our iPEC Dialogue Among Coaching Leaders events, I met a fellow wellbeing coach when we spoke on an expert panel together. During the Q&A, a newer coach asked for tips on how to move through the fear that can come up when launching a business.

There were some great insights from the panelists. But it was the words of the quiet spoken, wellbeing coach that stopped me—and the rest of the event attendees—in our tracks.

“Get over yourselves – because people need you,” he advised referring to when fear or overwhelm kick in.

So true! Personally, I believe being extraordinary is about getting out of your own way so you can share your gift.

Now, meet the man behind the words!

Dan Kinney, PT, CPC, Holistic Health Coach, is a physical therapist…turned patient…turned coach – and he is extraordinary (my words – not his.)

In his 35 years as a physical therapist, he slowly learned to shift the medical model. According to Dan, once he opened up to trusting the patient and understanding their needs, it became so much more than just physical therapy.

Good things happen when the practitioner becomes the patient.

The kicker was in 2001, when Dan was involved in a car accident that left him with searing pain in his leg. As result of the injury, he became a physical therapy patient. Continuing nerve pain sent Dan to a neurologist. Experiencing both sides of medicine really forced him to do a serious self-assessment. Dan realized how alone patients can feel. Here he was in a “catabolic” (drained and frustrated) state even though he was supposed to be a practitioner helping others.

Though Dan struggled through other medical hurdles, like receiving a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, he grew stronger and healthier. He finally realized he had a greater purpose beyond physical therapy. That’s when he refocused his intentions on becoming a wellness coach.

Awareness = Choice. Choice = Doing.

“If you can tap into your message and passion, you can look at where you are at and what steps you need to take.”

This statement solidified Dan’s newly found purpose. It takes becoming organic with who we are and stepping outside of our limiting beliefs. For Dan, this meant changing his mindset on how he can help people beyond physical therapy. The answer is within all of us. Once you are aware, you have a choice to do what you really want to do. That, and realizing people needed him.

Dan also touched on perfectionism. “Maybe I’m only five or ten minutes ahead of my client – I don’t have to be the expert or perfect coach. I have an amazing gift and a desire and motivation to help others. That’s my purpose for being on this earth,” Dan explains.

And now, he can really be there for others.

Let’s all “get over ourselves.”

I couldn’t agree more with Dan.

When we dive deeper to create more awareness, make the conscious choice to be unstoppable, and lean into our gifts, we can truly be of service at our highest potential.

So, how will you get over yourself?

Tambre Leighn, MA, CPC, PCC, ELI-MP
Managing Director, COR.E Wellbeing
Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

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