iPEC’s Coaching Certification Program: Life Coaching

Transform Your Life By Transforming the Lives of Others.

If you have an innate ability to connect with people and are passionate about helping others, you can make a powerful difference as a Certified Life Coach.

iPEC’s unique, fully accredited Life Coaching Program provides the education and skills you need to become a successful life coach. Through a proven combination of in-person training, teleclasses, and hands-on instruction, you’ll learn from dedicated, knowledgeable instructors who are passionate about helping you launch your new career. As a result, you’ll learn to change lives, while building a thriving business.

Learn the 9 Key Considerations

For Choosing the Right Coach Training School

"iPEC training has no equal. It is conducted with the utmost commitment to excellence. It is the only choice for anyone who is truly interested in coaching as a profession."

-Carrol Walker, iPEC Graduate

You'll gain everything you need for success as a professional coach — not only learning our Core Energy Coaching™ process, but how to apply it within a corporate setting for sustainable measurable results.

As a Certified Life Coach, You’ll Help Your Clients:

  • Gain clarity and focus about their lives
  • Define goals and develop a plan for making them a reality
  • Tap into their potential
  • Expand their creativity
  • Discover solutions to life’s challenges
  • See opportunities, instead of problems
  • Lead happier, more successful lives

Life Coaching Focuses On:

  • Individuals
  • Couples (any two people with a similar goal)
  • Groups

Your Successful Coaching Career Starts Here

By tapping into this growing $2 billion industry, you can build a thriving business, while making a profound difference in the lives of your clients.

As an iPEC Certified Life Coach, you can:

• Create a business on your own terms and schedule
• Have a meaningful impact on the lives of others
• Build a career and a lifestyle that you love

Learn how you can guide your clients to a more fulfilling life—awakening their sense of purpose and igniting their personal growth.

“The journey was unbelievable. What I learned at iPEC gave me permission to live the life that I want to live. Now, my job is to give these gifts to other people, and I love doing it. I see my clients transform as they relax and start to follow their own intuition.”

-Claire Kluever, iPEC Certified Corporate Coach

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