iPEC’s Coaching Certification Program: Executive Coaching

Build Effective Leaders and Improve Corporate Culture.

When juggling the duties of a high-powered job, it can be difficult for corporate executives to find a balance between their professional and personal lives. They often prioritize their work over their own fulfillment, which can prevent them from discovering their full potential—both at work and in life.

iPEC’s unique Certified Executive Coaching Program provides you with the skills and confidence you need to coach accomplished executives as they strive to achieve excellence in every area of their lives.

Learn the 9 Key Considerations

For Choosing the Right Coach Training School

"iPEC training has no equal. It is conducted with the utmost commitment to excellence. It is the only choice for anyone who is truly interested in coaching as a profession."

-Carrol Walker, iPEC Graduate

You'll gain everything you need for success as a professional coach — not only learning our Core Energy Coaching™ process, but how to apply it within a corporate setting for sustainable measurable results.

As a Certified Executive Coach, You’ll Help Your Clients:

  • Gain an outside perspective, so they can reprioritize and think “big picture”
  • Address the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives
  • Find better work/life balance
  • Improve their leadership abilities and engagement levels
  • Increase business performance and make a greater impact at work
  • Get to the next level of their career
  • Build a more fulfilling, well-rounded life

Executive Coaching Focuses On:

  • C-level Corporate Executives
  • Presidents & Vice Presidents
  • Boards of Directors
  • High potential employees
  • Others in executive leadership roles

Your Successful Coaching Career Starts Here

Executives in every industry want and need coaching services because while they may have all of the “right answers,” they still face challenges in their personal and professional lives. In the face of an uncertain economy, having a strong constitution and balanced life can make all the difference when you’re responsible for a company’s balance sheet.

Through iPEC’s Certified Executive Coaching Program, you’ll gain the rare blend of abilities required to coach these exceptional individuals so that the many dimensions of their lives can merge. As a result, you’ll help your clients realize tangible benefits—from increased business performance to a more fulfilling life.

“I have always known that I had a passion for helping people and a love for leadership. After 15 years in Corporate America, I knew that I enjoyed helping companies grow in human potential and profits, but I always felt something was missing.  

Through iPEC’s powerful Energy Leadership Certification program, I discovered what true leadership is all about, and now I get to go out into the world to help others develop into strong, passionate leaders. This course completely changed my life, my career, and my future.”

- Kerri Myers, iPEC Certified Coach, ELI-MP

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