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Meet Alan Cohen, Leadership and Connection Coach

From an Unfulfilling Job to a Passion-Driven Career

Alan had reached the pinnacle of his career in Public Relations-having represented everything from bestselling books like Harry Potter to Broadway producers. Yet, something was missing. Despite the accolades he was receiving, Alan felt unfulfilled and miserable.

He discovered that his true interests were rooted in talent development and training-and became excited by the idea of helping others reach their potential. To pursue this new passion, Alan transferred to the HR department of his company, but soon found himself jobless after a round of mass layoffs. That break gave him a chance to reevaluate where he wanted to go next.

He met a mutual friend who had undergone iPEC training and was intrigued by what he shared about his experience. As someone already interested in personal and professional development, what Alan heard really resonated with him.

After enrolling in a single iPEC training to see if it was the right fit, he quickly realized that he wanted to complete the entire Coach Training Program.

“There was just something about it. iPEC’s core philosophy really resonated with me. I’ve done so much spiritual and personal growth work and I thought, sometimes you just feel like you are home. That is what I felt like when I was in that room. I felt like I was home.”

After graduating from iPEC, Alan’s entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to launch his own coaching practice. His career background made it easy for him to identify a specialty niche- coaching and trainings within PR agencies, as well as with professionals in PR, communications, and leadership roles. He partnered with a likeminded business consultant to form the Roos Cohen Group–a new venture that allowed him to combine his inside-out knowledge of Public Relations with his passion for helping others develop and grow.

Today, he helps business professionals successfully navigate their careers and personal lives, while enjoying the benefits that come from being an independent coach.

“Coaching just gives me that freedom that I will attract the clients that I’m meant to work with and be able to work with them where I want to, when I want to, how I want to. That is a beautiful thing. I don’t know that everybody can say that about their chosen profession.”

In addition to his thriving coaching practice, Alan is now developing his speaking career and working on his second book about connecting in a disconnected world.

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