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Meet Gina Costa, iPEC Graduate & Coach

Transforming Personal Struggles into a Meaningful Career

Ever since she was a little girl, Gina had an overwhelming desire to help others, but it took a series of challenging circumstances for her to discover her true purpose. After serving as her mother’s caregiver while she battled ovarian cancer, Gina was devastated and lost when she passed away.

To make things even more complicated, Gina gave birth just three days later. She was overwhelmed and struggled to balance her grief with her joy over her new baby daughter. Remarkably, this difficult life moment was the impetus that Gina needed to seek her higher purpose.

She ultimately moved forward by becoming actively involved in raising funds for women’s cancer, genetic testing, and generating awareness. For Gina, it was a way for her to keep her Mom’s memory alive and cope with her grief, while simultaneously helping others.

However, she felt called to go one step further-she wanted to find a way to serve and support other survivors as they processed their circumstances. That’s when she discovered iPEC. After speaking to an iPEC Admissions Coach, she realized that this was the missing piece she needed to transform her passion into a meaningful career.

“It was the conversation that really sold me. Just the connection and warmth and understanding of the importance of sharing my story and how it tapped into what I wanted to do and what my passion was.”

Gina realized that with the right tools and training, she could turn her negative life experiences into a positive future. She completed her iPEC coach training, and from there, began working with cancer survivors to help them better navigate their situation and challenges. As a breast cancer survivor herself and having lost her mother to the disease, Gina could offer a level of understanding and wisdom that only comes from experiencing these challenges firsthand.

“Yes, it is about the cancer experience, but it really affects all aspects of your life. The key is to create wellbeing in all areas of your life, not just in terms of the cancer. By using the right tools and skills and asking the empowering questions, I can show people that they have options and opportunities for moving forward.”

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