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Meet Pasquale Bisecco, Training & Development Consultant, New York Presbyterian Hospital

From Creating Short-Term Growth to Making a Lasting Impact at His Organization

As a Training and Development Consultant, Pasquale focuses on helping his organization be the best it can be through leadership, talent, and team development training. He observed that their one-time training classes were not effective at creating the true behavior change that’s required for long-term success. He knew that in order to accomplish his organization’s business objectives, it was critical to incorporate coaching techniques into their training programs.

“Building leadership from scratch requires more than a one-time training class. We needed to pursue tools for creating sustainable behavior change.”

As he researched online for a coaching program, he discovered iPEC and instantly connected with what he read: “It was like iPEC read my mind. It caught me immediately.” After enrolling in iPEC’s Life & Leadership Potentials Training (LPT), Pasquale had the first of many aha moments.

“I was learning more than just techniques to bring to my professional life. I had an overwhelming sense of how much potential I have as an individual to accomplish the visions and dreams that I’ve always had. It was the first time that it felt like the floodgates were open-there were no obstacles getting in the way.”

Pasquale still carries his blue chip from that day as a constant reminder of the potential that each of us brings to the table and how much we can accomplish in our lifetimes-not just as individuals, but within organizations and our community. As a result of his iPEC training, Pasquale now has the tools he needs to drive sustainable change at his organization, while gaining the confidence he needs to pursue his personal goals.

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