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iPEC’s Exclusive Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Program Available for First Time in Limited Regional Engagement

SHREWSBURY, NJ – For the first time ever, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) is offering its exclusive Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Program (CCLEP™) in the Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York markets this fall as part of its new regional format debut. Previously, the highly sought after program, which helps build energized and engaged organizations for innovation and growth, was only available to corporations, governments, and law enforcement agencies.

The Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Program is a unique form of leadership training designed to assist leaders in realizing their full potential through the use of coaching, and helps drive organizational development. As a powerful result, organizations shift to a culture of collaboration, teamwork, and continuous learning that delivers a higher level of engagement among employees.

“In 2011, we conducted a tremendous amount of research on happiness in the workplace and, to our surprise, uncovered a remarkably high level of employee dissatisfaction,” said Zack Lemelle, Managing Partner, Corporate Engagement Services for iPEC. “We found the unhappiest employees felt disengaged from their place of work; and key to turning that around was to deliver a reinvigorated work environment.”

The Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Program helps develop Coach Centric Leaders™ that respond, instead of react, to events in the workplace in an effort to create a more energized work environment, and to literally see the world in a different way. A key aspect of the training is Energy Leadership™, a process that has the power to shift thoughts and perceptions to create an energized culture of engagement, collaboration, and innovation. Energy Leadership can help trained leaders bring awareness to, and interrupt, behavioral patterns that are not beneficial. The training also helps executives consciously create their own image of an ideal leader, and gives them the tools to succeed in that role.

“We have seen dramatic organizational shifts take place within companies following private trainings,” said Lemelle. “Common outcomes have included employees arriving eager and ready to work, sidelining any preconceived egos, replacing office politics with genuine cooperation, focusing on bolstering ‘what’s right’ and even developing innovation and service breakthroughs no longer requiring the creation of special ‘task forces’ to address challenges.”

The carefully crafted regional Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Programsare designed to be intimate educational sessions that answer the call for companies searching for new methods to create a culture of high engagement. Additionally, the Coach Centric Leadership Engagement Program provides Human Resource professionals with HRCI credits.

Program Components and 2012 Fall Dates

The Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Program is broken into three basic components. The first is designed to assess employee engagement levels and reveal strengths that align with organizational values and enable change. The second is designed to build upon revealed strengths, and restore cohesion and purpose. The third and final phase is designed to develop the Coach Centric LeaderTM, while renewing energy, creativity, and performance.

As part of the program, candidates will participate in a pre- and post- Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ to gauge progress. Once the assessment is complete, candidates will attend two in-person modules, scheduled for October 16th thru 18th and December 18th and 19th in New Jersey, October 24th thru 26th and January 24th and 25th at California State University-Long Beach and November 7th thru 9th and February 6th and 7th in Chicago. Both in-person modules are followed by a series of executive mentor coaching sessions to ensure the values and learnings are assimilated into leadership practices.

The full program tuition is $5,600 per participant with group discounts available. For additional information on the Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Program,  follow iPEC’s Leadership Twitter account.

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